About Us

Quality, Nature & Tradition

Amifunghi represents the development of a family's passion, the result of an association dating back to 2013...

This family business is based on a vast experience in the field of selling mushrooms, berries and truffles, the need to develop export trade activity according to market requirements.

It was chosen the native village of the two associates  as the headquarters, Grui village, located in the south-western extremity of Romania, the reason being an easy one to understand: the two associates took to another level the childhood habit, that of roaming the forests, the field, the mountains, reaping their riches and they had chosen to keep these memories by opening the headquarters and the point of acquisition on their birthplace.

Starting from three employees, at the moment, the company has an administrative space, storage and handling of goods, parking and other utilities.

As respects to the field of activity, Amifunghi involves, in addition to acquisition and export activities, storage, packaging, labelling, sorting, activities whose main purpose is to meet the maximum needs of the company’s customers.

Regarding the partnerships, due to the reputation that the company has acquired in the almost 8 years of activity, we can say that the number is in a stable and uniform growth, developing partnerships with companies from Italy, Germany, England.

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